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The word for Uniqueness can translated to ‘KODAWARI’ in Japan. In the west we think of being different when we think of being unique, but in Japan people aim for Kodawari, a form of meticulous attention to detail and fierce dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Here at Japan World Link, we hope you enjoy our collection of Japanese Kodawari products.

From a family of merchants who added value to rice they bought by brewing Sake with it, Toniike Sake Brewery exists today in…

Read about: ‘Tonoike Sake Brewery

After 13 years of trial and error Dr. Fujii successfully bread the first …

Read about: ‘Mitsuru Amacha Farm

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Based in London, UK, Japan World Link consists of Japanese people passionate about helping products in Japan that have a compelling story. Many of these products are not mainstream, and are limited edition


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